Water Quality QuB   Deploying the Water QuB is the First Step
to Better Water Resource Management

Water Quality QuB - Monitoring water to preserve quality standards

The Water Quality QuB G4 ready for deployment

Everything You Need to Measure the
Most Critical Parameters for Water Quality

The Water Quality QuB is self-contained water monitoring system with data acquisition and communications built-in. Connectors for
power, water supply, drain and antenna are already included.
This unique, all-in-one design means QuBs can be deployed
anywhere water quality is critical. Just hook up and in minutes the important water quality data you need can be available.

Developed and field-tested to monitor water quality
in the most challenging locations
With a focus on durability and value, the highest quality
components are housed in a waterproof stainless steel
enclosure, providing trouble-free operation even under
the harshest conditions.

Download Water Quality QuB datasheet

Download G4 Water Quality QuB datasheet



News Flash! Eyasco delivers Water Quality QuB monitoring systems to US Army Rapid Equipping Force.


The Water Quality QuB System is easily tailored to a diverse range of applications including drinking water, watershed, flood warning, irrigation and agricultural use to improve your water resource management.

Power management is a priority
The QuB can run on either AC or DC power, so even monitoring water resources in the most remote locations using solar power is easier than ever before. Plus, battery life is preserved by auto-switching from "power off" to "power on" only when critical measurements are required.

Get results fast, minimize your learning curve
Either using your own data center, or Eyasco's optional web-delivery services, you can quickly analyze water quality data from monitoring stations, right from your own web browser or delivered to your email, no matter where you are.


Inside the QuB a self-contained, configurable water resources lab with data acquisition and communications. (QuB unit shown is 36"x30"x10").

Every QuB can host a web server for wireless or Internet access to web-based HMI for monitoring and control.

Find out how the QuB can make
you a better water manager.


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